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Roof Restoration Detroit

Roof Restoration Detroit

Roof repairs are troublesome for everyone. Even so, no matter how hard the work is, you must maintain the safety and condition of your property. However, if your roof is not repaired properly, it may cause greater damage to your property. You may think that there is no need to seek professional help, or you can do the work yourself. You cannot guarantee that the restoration will complete correctly. We, Roof Restoration Detroit, ensure that your roof repair service is of the highest quality.

Terracotta roof repair
Due to the large amount of clay and tile roofing properties, clay roof repair is one of our most commonly used services. Roof Restoration Detroit prioritizes providing you with a charming, gleaming roof to increase the value of the house. No more broken bricks, moss-covered roof tiles or faded roof tiles. We will make your roof shine immediately!

Roof Restoration Detroit repair process

Removal of moss and lichen-Moss
lichen are pulled to the top of the terracotta roof. If left unchecked, moss and lichen will flourish and eventually block rainwater from flowing into your drains. An ecologically sustainable anti-fungal spray solution was used in the removal process. This is Roof Restoration Detroit first step in restoring the roof to its former glory!

High Pressure Cleaning
The next step is to clean the roof with high pressure water. Cleaning requires the use of water and high-pressure nozzles to maintain the natural color of the roof.

Gutter Cleaning
The team at Roofing Revival will then remove the dirt gutter from the roof. This will ensure that water does not flow into your drain.

Valley Inspection
If your valley has rusted, it will be tested and replaced to ensure the durability of your clay roof.

The tiles are re-paved and re-pointed
if necessary, we will re-paved and re-point the side tiles.

Application of color paint
now our roof has been cleaned, repaired and maintained well, you can choose various paint colors for the terracotta roof tiles.

Hire Us Today! Call Roof Restoration Detroit today if you require roof maintenance or repair or if a complete replacement is required. Our roofing experts will be pleased to demonstrate why we are the best in the region for roof repairs and replacements.


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